by admin, October 17, 2018

Travelistas, an exclusive women’s only travel club, is synonymous with splendor, grandeur and class. Pamper yourself with lavish holidays and feel like a queen. Give wings to your dreams… Let your imagination run wild… breakfast in Paris, lunch in Bali and dinner in Las Vegas… From snorkeling in Lord Howe Island to climbing mountain peaks in the Alps and everything in between could become a reality for you here.

Are you the kinds who:

* Loves walking on golden sands

* Yearns for the chill of the mountain breeze

* Is impatient to bring out the diva in you and walk down Champs-Elysées

* Would rather look into the past and be a part of ancient history

* Would just love to relax in an outdoor café and watch the passersby…

Then look no further as your dream destination is just a step away at Travelistas. We could design your holiday or you could just pick n choose any one of our pre designed itineraries.

A super luxurious vacay in Dubai awaits all you future Travelistas. From lavish accommodations at Bvlgari Hotel and Resorts to breathtaking evenings on board a yacht, from desert safaris & BBQ dinners to limousine drives and fine dining at Armani Hotel, we have it all for you and much more in our Dubai Special package.

The UK package is another in-demand destination where one is spoilt for choice. Castle visits, sojourns through the iconic Cambridge and Oxford Universities, stopovers at Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace add to the allure of UK. Bring out the child in you and get transported to the magical world of Harry Potter. The Warner Bros. Studio Tour in London will offer you the chance to explore the grand sets, intricate details and sheer filmmaking magic of the Harry Potter film series.

For those who want a desi experience, we plan exclusive domestic holidays too.

Does Aldona village in Goa sound familiar to you? This little unheard town of Aldona is one of the most beautiful villages in the world and has historic churches, forts and cemeteries open for tourists to visit. Added to this are the pristine beaches, thrilling nightlife and clubs that make Goa one of the most popular Indian holiday destinations. Not the partying kinds? No worries, we have a trip to the Kaziranga National Park in Assam where you can see the endangered one horned rhino as part of a north eastern tour of India. Tavelistas offers lots more such famous and not-so-famous destinations to explore and experience.

Travelistas pays tribute to each and every woman who decides/dares to travel alone by following high standards of safety and security measures and guarantees hassle free ticket bookings, visas, hotel bookings and fully planned itineraries at competitive prices.